The Middle East will become nothing but another spot on the map

Especially the sea is so popular here because the beaches are stunning surrounding of limestone formed by the waves into spectacular caves. But if you don’t feel impressed by this picture, you will definitely be excited by the small protected bays, made just for you. Here you can be one with the big blue of the Aegean Sea, away from the crowds.

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Replica Designer Handbags The false choice offered by the right is dangerous not only to the environment but to our national security. The next superpower will be the country that moves quickly to solar, wind and (sane) biofuel power, and finally to hydrogen. You have doubts? Consider the national security implications of moving successfully to a hydrogen economy free from the tyranny of foreign oil. The Middle East will become nothing but another spot on the map, contributing no more than Tanzania or Lichtenstein to world affairs. Consider the benefits of clean energy from sun and wind giving life to factory and farms with local sources of power invulnerable to attacks on a national grid. Imagine a transportation sector that pollutes nothing but a few drops of water from each tailpipe. Imagine this as you contemplate the price of oil climbing back up to $140/barrel or more Replica Designer Handbags.

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