It was no better where his friend

The two largest employers in downtown Charlotte, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, told their employees to stay home.Could someone explain how smashing a window and stealing armfuls of Charlotte Hornets jerseys helps uncover the truth behind a black man shot by a black police officer in a city with a black police chief?Could you help me understand how destroying the window of Charlotte’s United Way focuses a national debate on race? How will stomping on cars and breaking windows help heal a nation?I’ve read a lot about Dr. Martin Luther King. I don’t find where he ever smashed a window.

In 2004, within a five minute walk of where Iven was then living on Tivoly, 12 people had been shot and four others murdered. It was no better where his friend, Gary, lived almost a mile to the south. During the same year, three people were killed in Gary’s neighborhood and 12 others shot.

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